Saturday, September 24, 2016

31 - A film by Rob Zombie

I always like to preface my reviews of Rob's films by saying, yes, I am a fan of his movies. That being said onto the review ! Fair warning here - I will spoil this to complete, and utter ruin.
Our movie opens showing the cast of characters driving down an unknown road in an old rusty motor-home. They are all engaged in idle banter about nothing. Rob definitely enjoys the redneck hillbilly trash type of persona. Thankfully the drive scene doesn't over stay its welcome. Our band of malcontents are soon greeted with a rather odd roadblock. Naturally they get out to investigate, and try to move things out of their way to continue on their journey. Sure enough they are taken away from their surroundings, and brought to a rather grimy warehouse to play 31. It should be noted that their kidnappers are like an atypical goon squad from the original batman t.v. show. Naturally the scene opens with our cast waking up in the warehouse, and greeted by a voice explaining the 'rules' of the game. Then they are told their odds of survival. Those familiar with Rob's films know Sheri is his creative muse, and star of the show. As our cast move around the area they confront, and dispatch with a rather forgettable array of odd 'villans'. First is a nazi dwarf that speaks fluent spanish of all things. Then a 'Life, and Death' couple. The film has a definite 'Devils Rejects' vibe to it, which is obviously intentional. I thought it would have been better served to give the film it's own identity, that's just me. Then there is the 'dinner scene', which pays complete homage to 'The texas chainsaw massacre'. You can definitely tell Rob loves that film, and 'I spit on your grave' for setting, and colour palate material. As far as violence goes, this is pretty much on par with his previous work. Same goes for the gore factor, nothing above, and beyond. If you've seen any of 'The Purge' films, it's very much in line with those. Shock factor is pretty wasted on me. Towards the end we meet our final bad guy. 'Doom head', as he in named. The first thing you will note is that this is Robs joker of the film. He's actually the most interesting character of the entire film. Up until now, everyone is pretty forgettable, and has fairly pointless dialog as well. There is the usual amount of profanity, and panic etc, that you would come to expect. As is with any other type of road trip movie everyone is slowly picked off throughout the course of the film. Naturally Sheri is the only one left. In a total blatant ripoff scene from 'Texas Chainsaw' she is found wandering down a back road in a bloody daze. Low, and behold who pops up to finish her off ? Doom head. Yes, no survivors here ! If you've never seen any of Rob's films do not start with this one. Others, it's worth watching once, that's about it.

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